Concluding remarks

That’s it. After 4418 km by plane, 821 km by car and 110 km on our own feet, we are back in Germany, though a part of us remained in Finland – somehow our baggage did not make it to the plane and is still in Helsinki. Anyway, the journey was a bit wicked. We were sitting in the aircraft, lucky that we caught it because our flight from Rovaniemi arrived late, when they made the following announcement: “Boarding completed. But we are still waiting for our pilots.” Later we learned that we had delay due to a late arrival of the pilots from Oulu due to a snow storm in Helsinki this morning and that most probably we would gain even more delay due to heavy winds…

However, I am still impressed how smooth everything works in Finland and how everybody is dealing with his everyday life in these harsh conditions. Even at minus 20 °C you will see people jogging in Lapland.

Like always, I am a bit sad the journey already ended… I will miss the endless forests, the birches and spruces bending under a thick layer of snow, the absolute silence if you are standing alone in the middle of nowhere, the freezing cold, the reindeer and the thrill when you are hoping for the northern lights to appear. But we are coming back. It is time to discover what is hiding beneath all this snow. September is supposed to be a great month for hiking in Lapland 😉

To conclude: Everything can freeze. Shampoo, boots, jackets, hair, cameras, tripods, used handkerchiefs (maybe I can publish this in some journal?). I hope you enjoyed reading our stories from this strange but adorable country in the north.


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