Aurora hunting

Somehow it already started last night. I kept checking the forecast of the Finnish meteorological institute every few minutes after I had realised that the probability for auroras was steadily increasing. Finally, I got the feeling that I should go outside, so I dressed up again and waited, staring at the sky. Exactly the moment I decided that it was pointless and I should better go to bed, I spotted an aurora above our house. As I am a very nice person, I wanted to share this with Jana, though I am not sure how much she liked being waked by me at 2 am and going out with nothing but her sleeping dress… especially as the sky was already dark again when she arrived. Anyway, in my opinion, it was a good omen for the things yet to come.

Jana and I were quite relaxed after our visit at the smoke sauna. We had finished eating and were preparing the previous blog when the aurora alert urged us to leave. Not even switching off the light, we put on our jackets, grabbed our cameras and headed to Kiilopää again.

We had done exactly the right thing. Already on our way I could spot some faint northern lights through the car’s windows. The longer we waited out there in the darkness, the more auroras appeared. In the beginning hardly distinguishable from clouds, they intensified, got brighter and danced on the sky. It was difficult to decide where to look as they kept changing constantly and were all around us. Suddenly, everything became bright as daylight – we were so lucky, we saw a really beautiful pink aurora! I have never experienced anything like this before.

I think auroras are something magical. You can stand there for hours in bitter cold and admire them, forgetting about all the problems you usually keep worrying about.

In the end, when the lights were fading and our feet hurting due to the -16 °C we had been exposed to, we started back for home. Freezing, but very happy and satisfied about this special night.


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