Cross-country skiing

Even though it is already my third time in Lapland, I still experience new things every day. After our great snow shoe hike yesterday, today it was time for cross-country skiing.
Cross-country skiing is very popular up here in the north. It seems as if everybody is doing it, from little kids who have just learned how to walk to elderly people. So it was just natural that Jana and I wanted to give it a try.

Von MM am 2017-11-20 um 09-52-36

Von MM am 2017-11-20 um 09-53-37
It was my very first time standing on these… sticks. Jana had at least some experiences with skiing in the Alpes. We just went to the ski tracks without any instructions and tried our best. It was a lot more exhausting than I could have imagined – it always looks so easy and smooth if you watch the locals. Especially if you have to go up a hill. No idea how they manage it with this facility. Way down is quite fun, only the first two hills were a bit scary, especially as I have absolutely no idea how to stop with skis. Jana’s approach was to use her face 😉 but we survived and managed to go more than 6 km. This time it was not only my hairs that were freezing, but also the inner part of Jana’s jacket.

We also have to make an important decision. My dear aunt invited us to go to a restaurant here in Saariselkä, the only condition is that it should not be McDonald’s. But there is another place which we think looks very promising 😉


Currently, we are sitting at home and checking the sun activity every half an hour. Unfortunately, we still did not see the aurora, but we won’t abandon hope.

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