The day started with a quick breakfast and -14 °C. Good that we had put our car’s engine heating cable 😀 though it did not prevent ice crystals from growing on the tyres

IMG_7178 IMG_7185 IMG_7190

After having scratched most of the ice from the car windows, we drove to Kiilopää Fell Centre from where we started a short hike through Urho Kekkonen national park. Meanwhile, the temperature had dropped to -18 °C. I have to admit, in the first minutes this might feel a bit uncomfortable despite all the layers of clothes. But once you have walked some hundred metres – which is not an easy task if you sink into deep snow every few steps – you start to get warm. Anyway, the stunning view over the fells makes you forget that it is bloody cold. I hope our small selection of fotos helps you to get an impression about the beauty of Finnish Lapland.

IMG_7192Von MM am 2017-11-17 um 11-39-38 Von MM am 2017-11-17 um 11-05-52 Von MM am 2017-11-17 um 10-46-59 Von JK am 2017-11-17 um 13-01-11 Von JK am 2017-11-17 um 12-52-33 Von JK am 2017-11-17 um 11-22-06 Von JK am 2017-11-17 um 11-02-56 IMG_7195

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